The sales business tool
for your sales team...

Make the most out of sales visits:
present your products and services
interactively, make orders, plan tasks
and access all your clients' data,
all from your tablet.

Interactive catalog

Present your company's products and
services with your tablet in a more
attractive format and immediately send
your clients the business information
that interests them.

Organize clients

You can have all your clients' data
available on your tablet and link rates and
specific discounts by client or
group of clients, as well as access their
history of shared information and orders.

Make orders

Manages your clients' orders, in
real time, from your tablet. You can
access your clients' history of regular articles,
to make recurring orders easier.

Plan tasks

Organize and report your business tasks from
your tablet: calls, visits, etc. and
the most common processes (costs, incidences,
returns, questionnaires and feedback, etc.).

...easily managed
from the Control Panel

The CatalogPlayer platform allows you to create and
manage your company's interactive catalogs,
in addition to managing the orders, tasks,
clients, results,... from your sales team